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It’s Locked!

I swear to God if that lady locks her car one more time, I’m gonna flip out right here. Right in front of everyone.

This skank has remotely locked her car about 12 times so far. Each time the horn honks. For most sane people, it only takes one honk for them to be able to rest assured that the goddam car is locked. I’ll even allow two successive honks, for those who are used to double-clicking. But 12? Give it a rest, lady.

If you’re that obsessive or OCD about locking your car, just do it manually when you get out. That’s what I do. I know it’s locked ‘cause I can see the fug’n locks slide over. Then I don’t even have to use the clicker, and I don’t have to grate on peoples’ last good nerves with multiple honks.

The next person I see/hear creating noise pollution with their rapid clicks/honks is going to get their windshield smashed in. I’ll even smash the back window. Then at least you’ll have bigger fish to fry than your precious car locks! Asswipes. You sons of bitches need to get it together. I’m so tired of this.

by Jon Novin
Opinion Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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