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The Pause that Refreshes

I’ve been used to half-hour work lunches for years, so when I got this new job that gives an hour, I decided to take Raul Lisneski’s (Health & Fitness Editor) advice and use the extra time for a walk. Physical health is actually only one aspect of my decision. I find it also helps my mental health.

I probably walk for less than a mile, and I stop in the middle to sit on a bench and relax. Often, I’ll close my eyes and just listen to the sounds of nature. Then, I open them up real slowly. It’s like I’m seeing things for the first time!

New Balance

I know this may sound odd, but ever since I’ve been on this routine, I have noticed a drop in my stress levels. I’m also more productive for the second half of the day. While everyone else seems in a slump and has to pound the caffeine just to get through it all, I’m refreshed and ready to do things even after work!

My friend has a half-hour lunch. At first she was trying to eat fast and take a little walk, but it didn’t work out so well. Now, she uses the second 15-minute break of the day to take a quick walk around the building, and says she feels the same effects as I just described!

I’ve said for a long time that fitness is more than just about exercise, and now I’m seeing it in action. And it’s great.

by Cindy Simone
Residential Life Magazine


1 thought on “The Pause that Refreshes”

  1. Cindy, glad to know this is working out so well. As you say, fitness is more than simply exercise. It has the power to transform our whole lives. Welcome to the team, and see you on the next power walk! 🙂 –Raul

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