Faith and Spirituality

Ask & Receive?

Let me say this up front. I consider myself a religious person. I believe in God and have a concept of good and evil — though it’s perhaps not in the ‘traditional’ sense.

Devil or Angel

You can’t always get what you want

The other night I was watching a survivalist show where the participants were able to secure food after many days of going without. One man called the find a “blessing from above.” Moments later, when this same man overcooked the animal carcass — thus rendering it inedible — he seemed to suggest that somehow the Devil was involved in thwarting this much needed sustenance.

I’m not here to rag on this fellow or anyone else. I just found it interesting that when things were going well, he thanked God, and as soon as they took a turn for the worse (in this case at his own hand!), he immediately turned his gaze to some malevolent force, bent on ensuring he and his partner would starve to death in the wilderness.

Hand of God?

I had a similar discussion recently with a friend about the heart-wrenching death of an American journalist who was savagely killed by the cowardly ISIS. Shortly after his death was realized, his mother took to the news outlets to thank the “so many people who were praying.”

I assume that these people were not praying for his death, but rather his safe return home. Of course that didn’t happen. His mother — clearly a devout believer — suggested that perhaps the end result was part of God’s greater plan. And maybe it was.

Questions Unanswered

I’m going to search for a close here earlier than expected, solely for the reason that I don’t want to make this a tirade that might be perceived as anti-faith.  I will reiterate that I am a faithful man who believes in God and prays daily.

But when things go bad, though I don’t blame God, I also don’t bring to mind that it may be caused by some sort of wicked agenda from an evil outside source. Sometimes life doesn’t work out the way we planned, or hoped, or prayed for. Maybe there’s a reason, maybe there’s not.

by Federico LaDuenza
Residential Life Magazine


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