Food and Dining

Reckless Review

I just read the rudest review response I have ever seen!

Following a rather pleasant meal at a local restaurant, I thought I’d pass a good word about the place on TripAdvisor. After posting my own reviews, I usually read others just for fun. If I am preparing a trip, of course, I read those reviews first.

Kill ‘Em with Kindness

In this case, I was shocked to see a scathing management reply to a less than stellar post. Though the review itself was admittedly derogatory, the poster never used foul language or accusatory terminology. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the other side.

This person — identified simply as “management” — laid into the poster like a side of beef, drafting a nearly eight paragraph rant (replete with just about every swear word in the book), finally ending with a very thinly veiled threat. I’ve a mind to drive back to the restaurant and box that person’s ears myself!

To Each His Own

Aside from what should have been the obvious restraint from outright accosting dissatisfied customers, this worker missed the entire ideal of the website.

In my experience, management responses are seldom read. When responses are offered, however, they should be done with marketing and customer service in mind. Here is an opportunity to address — and attempt to resolve — customer grievances, while at the same time clearing up misunderstandings and/or misinformation. This outlet also provides for further promotion of the venue, restaurant, attraction, etc.

Nothing is gained by sparking a petty online war of words, especially on the side of management or employees. Instead, this childish display has cost the establishment my business for good.

by Liu Q.L.
Residential Life Magazine


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