Mailing It In

Here we go again. Another election year, another million trees killed. And for what? Has anyone’s political mindset been changed solely because of a glossy mailer? If so, I’d like to hear your story.

What a Waste

The king of junk mail

I’m not usually one for generalizations, but in this case I think it’s safe to say that most people already have their minds made up by the time this propaganda hits mailboxes. Those that are still “on the fence” likely would (and should!) inform themselves — through candidate interviews and debates, news reports, and personal research — and then make an educated decision on which candidates(s) to support, based on accurate facts and figures.

I Like Ike

I realize this is a “best case scenario,” and that we don’t live in the perfect world where best case scenarios often rear their ideal heads. Still, even an uninformed and apathetic voter (assuming they actually get themselves to the polls) typically makes their choice based on suggestion from friends or family.

More jaded citizens might make a last-minute choice by whose tie they like best, and in that regard, I suppose the glossy mailer concept begins to take shape.

Personally, I will continue to drop these mailers directly into the recycling bin without so much as a first glance, as I ponder how many trees had to die to construct a message that hardly anyone sees.

by Mayelynne Uspo   
Residential Life Magazine


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