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Keep on Truckin’

A girlfriend’s daughter is about to go to college. Last night, I was invited for dinner, and her mother and I offered this young lady solicited (and some unsolicited!) advice. One of the things I mentioned was the importance of adaptability and recognizing changing trends.

As an example — and at the risk of sounding like an old lady — I mentioned that “when I was in school” broadcast journalism was hot, and career growth in the industry seemed strong. I’m certainly not suggesting the industry is dead today, but there have sure been some major changes!

Go with the Flow

adaptabilityRecreational use of the Internet forever altered the broadcast journalism landscape in both good and not so good ways (depending on who you ask). Suddenly, radio reporters had to also become photojournalists and videographers. Television stations had to convert their stories into “newspaper” style articles. Newspapers had to accept the new paradigm of reducing — and in some cases eliminating — their printing practices. And news professionals everywhere scrambled to expand their media expertise to avoid being left behind.

In fact, I don’t think it’s dramatic to state that the Internet changed everything. Not only jobs — from journalism and marketing to graphic design and advertising and everything in between — but several other aspects of life. I’ll refrain from getting on a soapbox (there’s plenty of other writers here who have that covered!), but suffice it to say that the Internet was a game changer.

Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open

This isn’t to suggest that nothing changed before the Internet, and we certainly aren’t done changing. Not by a long shot! Rather, the general point of my conversation with this young woman was to be aware of emerging trends, to keep on top of new ideas and concepts through continuing education, and to avoid situations where you’re holding on to the “old way” of doing things.

None of us can see into the future. We have to make the best decisions we can based on the

resources available at this time. There are countless clichés I could use to illustrate my point — from rolling stone to grass under one’s feet, and on and on — but (to use another one!) I think we’ve sufficiently beaten that dead horse.

The point is to never stop learning, and growing, and understanding. After all, the world doesn’t stop turning just because we might choose to stand still.

by Lina Saldarriaga
Residential Life Magazine


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