Life and Death

To Err is Human

I have yet to meet someone who enjoys making mistakes — particularly in front of a group of people. But gaffes, flubs, messing up, and the like are part of what makes us human. Mistakes, faux-pas, blunders, and flounders can and should be used as learning experiences.

Movies often include a blooper reel full of out-takes and humorous outcomes of sometimes awkward situations. Producers could easily dismiss these scenes — never to be viewed by the eyes of the general public. Instead, the audience gets an entertainment bonus, and a rare glimpse into the “real lives” of the actors. People are people, after all.

Own It

I’m not suggesting you deliberately sabotage your next presentation, but if things don’t go exactly as planned, rather than fumble through, or profusely apologize as you seek a rapid close to the program, embrace the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive.

Though they may not retain any or all of the information from your performance, people will remember if you screwed up. Why not take control of the situation and make them also remember how well you recovered?

by Yvaneht Debagorski
Residential Life Magazine


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