Seize the Day

I had some thoughts while reading Lina Saldarriaga’s recent submission. I wish I could tell her friend’s kid how good she has it!

See, “when I was in school,” we didn’t have half the stuff today’s kids have to hold their hands through every aspect of life. I don’t necessarily think this new stuff is bad. In fact, I’ll bet it saves them a lot of trouble. I know I had to bust my ass for 10 years just to pay off my student loans, and then I lost my job!

Highs, Lows

It took about two years to get my first “professional” job out of college, since not only did my school not prepare me at all for the “real world,” they didn’t prepare me for really any aspect of it!

Most colleges today have whole departments dedicated to helping students learn about the business world — from how to dress, how to act in an interview and your first few months in a new job, but also the importance of networking, and staying on top of things, and always moving ahead. My school basically gave us a boot in the rear and said “Good luck!”

Hey, what’s done is done, and I’m not going to belly-ache here any longer. I’m just saying that with all these programs available to kids today, you’d be a damned fool not to take advantage of them. I wish I had even half of what’s offered in college now! I hope these kids don’t decide to be pass it all up.

by Angel “Boz” Terwilliger
Residential Life Magazine


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