Work and Occupation

Calm, Cool, Collected

I just came from one of the worst meetings I’ve ever been in. Seriously, not only are those precious moments of my life I’ll never get back, I feel like having a root canal while getting punched in the nuts would have been a better use of the time.

Let It Go

It wasn’t so much the content of the session that got me, but the fact that because one little video didn’t play, the presenter let the whole rest of his talk fall apart. He kept going back and trying to play the video, then apologized like it was going out style. Then he wouldn’t stop referencing the issue, and even had to get a handkerchief from someone in the crowd because he was sweating so bad!

I’m not saying every presentation I’ve ever given has been perfect. I’ve had my share of “technical difficulties.” But I — and others I’ve seen and heard — know how to bounce back and carry on with the presentation, and not alienate the audience or worse.

This takes some practice, but certainly works out in the end. As I write this, I can’t remember a lick of this fellow’s program message or what he was trying to convey, but his floundering and blubbering will stick with me for a while, as I’m sure it will with others. In that regard, he let us all down today… including himself!

by Stavros “Stolli” Capleton
Residential Life Magazine


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