Highways and Byways


Driving to work from the gym this morning, I took the “short cut” that has become part of my daily routine. I put the words ‘short cut’ in quotes, because it is a well-known alternate route. In fact, I find that while they may not always begin this way, most shortcuts end in a similar manner. Allow me to explain:

Hiding in Plain Sight

Shortcuts aren’t always the best way

I recently ‘found’ this shortcut by following a gym friend into the facility. Though I was initially convinced that my buddy had taken a wrong turn — perhaps made a simple mistake — I soon became pleasantly surprised at the discovery of this new path to the same place, which has since allowed me to skip four traffic lights!

As the weeks passed, however, I couldn’t help but notice that more than a few people have also discovered this “secret.” In fact, it soon became clear that the fitness enthusiasts who take the “long away around” are in the minority.

Distance, Not Time

My point here is only to say that most people take shortcuts based on distance, not time. I mean, if everyone is taking the shortcut, it stands to reason that the road will become more congested. And shortcuts can’t be kept secret forever. Instead, people tend to choose the easiest way to get to their destinations — typically one that will avoid traffic lights and other obstacles.

So the next time you start to get upset that someone else is “elbowing in” on your shortcut, just be happy that you don’t have to put up with the BS that other drivers do going the long way!

by Gordon T. Elliott
Residential Life Magazine


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