Politics and Society

Local Losers

The incumbent mayor in my hometown just got voted in for a third term. The guy is as incompetent as they come. Everywhere I go, I hear people moaning and complaining about his policies and (lack of) leadership. So how is this guy still running this town?!

The short, sad-but-true answer is that most people don’t pay attention to local races. It’s true that there currently exists in this country an apathy toward elections in general, and (depending on who you ask) with good reason. But this is a case where it behooves people (as my uncle used to say) to have their votes counted at the ballot box.

This isn’t to belittle Presidential elections, but when it comes to the day-to-day, local elections are hugely important to people’s lives, even if they don’t know or want to admit it.

This is Your Life

Your tax dollars at work

Water rates, local roads, even things that are “off the radar” for most people (like trash pick-up) are all determined at the local level. Do you think your U.S. Senator is worried if there’s a stoplight at the busy intersection where your kids play? They couldn’t care less.

This doesn’t mean that local politicians are at all more compassionate than their indifferent counterparts in Washington. It just means that they have the power to completely and immediately mess up your life if they want to.

Local leaders can close down roads on a whim. They can raze your home to make way for a new school, and you can’t say boo about it. They can hike your property taxes 12 times in year, if they so choose, and your only recourse is to move to the next town — full of the same City Hall crooks. These jerks can and will uproot your whole life in a heartbeat.

Deaf Ears

The sad reality is that the scenario will never be perfect. But if you and your friends work together to get someone in local office who isn’t a complete psychotic and megalomaniac, you might actually find that life moves a little smoother.

The thing is, no one is going to do that, so nothing is going to change. And across this great country, idiot mayors and lackey City Councils will continue to devise maniacal plans to make the lives of tax-paying, God-fearing citizens as miserable as they can. And by blindly re-electing them each year, you’re allowing it to happen!

by Tuppence “Penny” Piazza
Residential Life Magazine


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