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I’m so sick and tired of these inflated shipping and handling charges. What a nice racket these shippers have going!

The other day I got a deck of cards in the mail — a got-dang deck of cards! — and the shipping for it was $12.95. Are you kidding me?! I know it doesn’t cost that much. Someone’s committing highway robbery… literally!

Coming or Going

Delivering a Package
Feel “free” to shove it!

Today’s companies view shipping and handling as just another way to rape extra money from the bank accounts of the taxpayers! And because there’s not much we can do about it, they’re loving the fact that they get off Scot free!

Even the so-called “free shipping” places just jack up their prices sky high to cover the costs of what they would charge for shipping. It’s pure horseshit, is what it is!

Ship This

The next time I get slapped with some BS shipping charge, I’m gonna slap back. I’ll take the delivery man to the ground, if I have to. I’ll teach him a lesson his grandkids will still be learning years from now!

I’ll drive to the factory and just frickin’ go off on every person there. I’ll slam their fug’n faces onto the assembly line conveyor belt. I’ll make my point known!

I’ll schedule an appointment with the CEO and throw him out the window of his penthouse office! I’m not gonna just sit by and take this bullshit any longer. I’ve had it!

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine


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