Highways and Byways

Drive-Thru Nation

I know some people who would be quite contented if they never had to leave the comfort of their car. Sadly, this pipe dream is not too far off from becoming reality.

In my “old age,” I’ve seen everything from drive-through liquor stores, churches, and weapons shops. Sure, it’s still illegal to drink and drive (or drive and shoot — I guess driving and praying is alright as long as you have at least one eye open and one hand on the wheel) but these establishments certainly make it easier to break the law.

No Deal

Would you like fries with that?

If you can sit here and tell me with a straight face (no crossed fingers!) that you’ve actually gone to a drive-thru fast food window and not snagged a few fries on the way home, I’ll give you a medal. Well, I don’t think I have any medals on me at the moment, but I’ll find some other cool prize.

The point is, the more you make accessible by “drive-thru,” the more dangerous you make the roads. So it comes down to the convenience of not having to walk the whopping ten feet from the parking lot to the store, or potentially smashing your car and putting your life and the lives of everyone else on the road with you in danger. That’s a coin toss I don’t want any part of.

by Mayelynne Uspo
Residential Life Magazine


1 thought on “Drive-Thru Nation”

  1. You obviously don’t live in an area where it gets below zero, or where there’s a chance of the parking lot getting snowed in. Drive-thrus are all about convenience. No one’s going to drink and drive. Don’t be so dramatic. You’re just a hater. This is the way it is now. Like it or lick it.

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