Keep on Running

“Let’s just get the site up quick, and then we won’t have to worry about it for a while.” That comment from a recent client sent shivers down my spine.

Web content and design is like a living organism. It’s fluid — constantly changing and improving. The web is not an inanimate object.

Life in the Tubes

Internet concept
It’s not for nothing

These days, it’s essential to have some sort of web presence, whether that’s a website, social media account(s), or other way customers and contacts can access information about you and/or your business online.

But just “throwing up” a site accomplishes nothing. You must have a plan for your web presence, and be willing and able to put in the time and energy necessary to keep it sustained.

I’m not saying everyone should go out and learn web design, or be some master programmer. But if you’re going to have a website, you should have at least a general knowledge or access to today’s web trends.


Luckily, sites like WordPress can help make it easy for the less technically-inclined to be part of the web scene. And of course, Google remains your friend for any information you may need along the way.

Without getting into a further tirade, the point is that if you’re going to have a web presence — whether you do it yourself or outsource — you need to have a plan to get started, and also a plan for sustainability.

Just “getting the site up quick” makes no sense. If that’s your end goal, you need to seriously re-evaluate what you hope a website will do for you. It probably won’t be the cure all you’re looking for.

by Enid Ahylhienatta
Technology Consultant
Residential Life Magazine


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