Highways and Byways

Respect Walk

Every time I see one of those “coexist” or “tolerance” stickers on someone’s car, I just can’t help but laugh. The people who put these up are the most racist and intolerant people on the planet!

Prepare to get your ass kicked

I’ve personally observed the drivers of these cars cut people off, “brake check,” flip the bird, scream racial slurs out the window, and any number of unpleasantries. I’ve also heard from friends, family, and concerned motorists about the damage that these psychotics are capable of.

Maybe the sticker is sort of a defensive thing, and they’re actually letting other drivers know that they’re not to be messed with. I mean, putting “F—you” on the car would definitely get you in trouble, and fast! So maybe this is kind of like a code.

Either way, I always (literally) steer clear from these maniacs when I see one of those stickers. I know that if I don’t get into a purposely-caused accident at their hands, I’ll get the beat down of my life by these supposed “tolerant” people who only want to “coexist” by cracking my skull open on the pavement!

by Pietro “Petey” von Tweety
Residential Life Magazine


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