Crime and Punishment

Bad Example

I loved it! I just had to take off from a buddy’s house ’cause his kid crashed their car. No one got hurt. The car is totally messed up, though. But the story behind it is awesome!

Conniption Fit

Teaching bad drivers a hard lesson

Turns out some douche dented the car while the kid was inside a convenience store. Apparently, the dude said he was getting out of his car and accidentally hit the kid’s (his parents’) door with his. I guess the guy said he would be willing to pay for it, but the kid just lost it!

He waited for the dude to go inside, and then keyed the hell out of his car. The guy came out and was pissed! I guess the kid peeled out of the lot, middle fingers blazing, but didn’t see the utility pole there and just bit it. Just completely bit it. The dude called the cops and now the kid might get charged with something.

Tough Justice

I was already getting ready to leave when he started to spill the beans, ’cause it sounded like more of a family-only thing to work out, but then I heard the story and I was laughing my nuts off. I told the kid he did the right thing, even gave him a high five, and now I’m pretty sure I won’t be welcomed back to that house again! No skin.

If I were that kid, I’d find that guy again and really lay into him. I mean really let him have it. He wants to pay to make things right? Push his face into the goddam pavement! Break that dickhead’s kneecaps! Slam his head on the hood of his own car! I would teach that guy a hard lesson he’d never forget! I might just do that right now.

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine


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