Work and Occupation

Hot Button

Now I gotta take some anger management — oh, sorry, “conflict resolution” horseshit course for my job. I guess I have a temper problem. Who fug’n cares?!

For me, the best way to deal with any conflict is to beat some ass. You got an issue with me? I’ll slam your face down on a hot grill. I’ll bet that’ll “resolve” things pretty quick.

And if for some reason it doesn’t, I’ll break your fug’n arm. I’ll do it in a heartbeat. I’ll kick in you in the ribs ’til you cough up blood, and then I’ll laugh like a goddam hyena. Right in your face.

If anyone has a problem, they can find their own solution to it. If you bring me into the equation, it’ll end with you getting knocked out cold. I don’t give a shit! I’ll slam you into the wall so hard it’ll leave a mark for posterity. I’ll knock all your teeth out. I would love to do it! Give me an excuse to do it. I’m begging you.

by Bartt Zarb
Residential Life Magazine


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