Take it to the Curb

Some people are just jackasses. They don’t ‘get’ how to recycle. I see so much stuff in my neighbors’ recycling bins that I know the dude is just going to leave behind. It’s unbelievable. People try to recycle Styrofoam, shoes, even toilet seats! They have no clue.

Here’s the thing. In my neighborhood, people will just leave behind stuff that doesn’t recycle. But most other places aren’t like that. I mean, you might be able to “pull a fast one” and get them to physically take the object, but once they sort through the stuff at the facility, it’ll just get thrown in the trash, anyway. Total exercise in futility.

If You Build It

The problem is that if you put too many rules or parameters onto anything that’s voluntary, people are just doing to stop doing it. As much as I hate to see the landfills grow, without any recycling, they’ll grow exponentially. So I can understand the argument for not putting too many regulations on voluntary recycling. But on the other side of the coin, if recycling centers become just glorified trash management facilities, local governments will just shut down all the recycling plants.

So that means it’s up to every average citizen to smarten up, start taking recycling seriously, and think before you just toss something into the bin. Come on, peoples. Get it together.

by Taukswrait Nao
Residential Life Magazine


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