The Better to See You With

Computers have come a long way since their bulky beginnings. As people rely on computers more and more for their work and recreational needs, safety and accessibility features have also improved. But as devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets) become more ingrained into our daily lives, it is important to keep health in mind.

Though today’s computer monitors are a big improvement over the boxy RBGs of yore, the threat to eyesight remains a factor to consider. There are methods by which to decrease and alleviate eye strain, without giving up device usage altogether.

Blink of an Eye

Protect them peepers

Blinking is the body’s way of keeping eyes lubricated. Eye drops can assist in this regard, but there is no replacement for the lubrication your body is able to produce. That said, it’s important to be conscious of the amount of the times you are blinking per hour of computer usage. If your blink count is low or you are not blinking at all, it is wise to make a concerted effort to increase your blink rate.

Avoid the Death Stare

Another factor that warrants consideration is the phenomenon of the “death stare.” This happens when we are so intently engaged in our work or play that we may forget to blink at all. Often times in this scenario, users will also remain seated or in an otherwise dormant state for long periods of time. I will save the health concerns associated with that for another writer.


The best way to avoid the “death stare” is to incorporate and practice the ’20/20/20′ rule. This is when you look at an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. The process should be repeated every 20 minutes. Another method is to simply close your eyes for a minute or so. Both methods will increase lubrication in your eyes, and also help alleviate eye strain.

by Enid Ahylhienatta
Technology Consultant
Residential Life Magazine


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  1. Are you really so hard up for articles that you have to resort to this propaganda?! It may be time to stop reading this rag.

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