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Retail Rage

I’m so tired of hearing people rag on Walmart. It’s the same as other big box stores, and yet people like to single out and demonize Walmart. I’ve had it!

All the merchandise comes from the same warehouse in China. So the people who pretend to be so against “outsourcing” can suck on that right off the bat.Next, every big box store brings traffic and, yes, probably some unsavory stuff, too. But, again, to single out Walmart for crime is just silly.

Smooth Criminals

Always loyal… always

To that end, where the hell is all this violent crime around Walmart taking place?! The only times I’ve heard of any incidents even close to Walmart have been completely unrelated to the store itself. Like recently, when some dude got shot dead in the Walmart parking lot. The altercation began blocks away, and just happened to end in that parking lot! So all you haters who tried to blame Walmart for the incident can eat a nut.

I hate to tell you suck-os, but Target is just as bad to their employees (paying ultra-low wages for little to no hours), all their stuff comes from overseas, and they create just as much traffic and this supposed wave of crime as any other store.

Bottom line, the people who dump on Walmart have no idea what they’re talking about. Open your eyes to the big picture, and keep the Walmart hate to yourself.

by Willa Shaykhs
Residential Life Magazine


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