Step Off

Today’s kids don’t get to have any fun, thanks to this PC business that’s slowly enveloped the entire nation. I’m all for being sensitive to everyone’s needs, but it’s gone too far.

My high school kid just got in trouble for planning a Senior Prank. School administrators are all beside themselves at the fact that they “caught” him before the plan could be realized. I get the feeling they thought I’d share the same sentiments. I told them to let kids be kids. They countered with their new “zero tolerance” policy, and that’s when I told them to blow it out their ass!

Epic Burn

got-servedWhen I was in college, a bunch of us got together one cold, snowy night and moved this dude’s car from the parking space, right next to a snowbank! It was hilarious… and I have the pics to prove it. You should have seen the look on his face the next day! I loved it! And the funny thing is, so did he. Once he realized that his car wasn’t damaged (and after he made us all move it back), he was laughing right along with the rest of us! He even took some pics of his own of us moving the car back. If social media was around back then, you’d better believe that would have been ‘trending!’

Lighten Up

The point is, the prank was done all in the fun, no damage was done (physical or otherwise), we all got a much needed mid-winter’s chuckle, and then we moved on with our lives.

If that happened today, we’d get kicked out school, the dude’s parents would probably sue everyone they could, and the guy himself would have to get years of therapy to deal with the “emotional trauma” of it all. There might even be a TV docu-drama about it, and mandatory middle-school assemblies on the “dangers of pranks.” Pathetic!

I’m not saying we should embrace a detached society, free from rules. But we also don’t need to become a bunch of spineless yes-men, content with furthering this bleeding heart, tree-hugger, happy-go-lucky, the world is made of marshmallows, everyone is perfect, let’s walk on eggshells so as to not step on anyone’s heels or even make a little joke here and there ideal. That’s not a place where I want to live.

by Stavros “Stolli” Capleton 
Residential Life Magazine


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