The Enemy of My Enemy…

I’ve said and written before that most people are straight-up psychotics who will cut you at any opportunity. I don’t trust anyone, and I am always prepared for the point when someone snaps and starts shooting up the place, or stabbing everyone in sight, or something else along those lines. I’m not even kidding.

I truly believe that most people are selfish individuals who would rather let someone bleed to death on the street than offer a helping hand. Most of the people alive today are the absolute bottom of the barrel, scumbag, worthless sons-of-bitches, who are just waiting for an opportunity to slam your face on the hood of their car, and twist your arm back until you say “uncle.” That’s not my opinion. That’s a common fact.

So I was surprised last weekend when all of us misfits came together — temporarily united for a common cause.

You Don’t Belong Here

Go home

There is a funny thing in that, even if you dump on your hometown, sports team, etc. all the time, you’ll fly into a rage at the drop of a hat if some “outsider” tries to do the same.

The other day this out-of-stater cut off an in-state vehicle on the highway, and you should have seen the firestorm they unleashed! People were honking, swearing, blazing gestures and gang signs — really giving that driver a hard time. One passenger was throwing stuff out the window at the dude’s care! It was great. I loved it!

He finally pulled off to the side of the road — probably waiting for everyone who saw what he did to get mixed up in traffic so he could get a “fresh start.”

Of course, three minutes later, everyone was back to their rude, anti-social selves, as expected. But for those brief but shining moments in time, we were a united front to be reckoned with!

by Willa Shaykhs
Residential Life Magazine


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