Law and Regulation

Step Out of the Car

I just got stopped for a broken tail-light. Turns out there was a short wire or something. The garage took care of it in about a minute, and it didn’t end up costing me a thing. But the fact that they said it was “intermittent” got to me thinking that the traffic stop probably wasn’t as random as the cop let on.

Ready to Rumble

You have no rights

Police can pull you over at any time, for any reason (including no reason at all!). When they do get you stopped, they like to make a game out of finding how many things they can nail you with.

I keep my car well maintained and clean — both inside and out. I rarely speed (I might go 5mph over the limit on the highway), always stop at red lights and stop signs, and generally follow the traffic laws. I also have the advantage of having been a traffic school instructor in the past, so I even follow the “lesser-known” rules.

But whenever I see a cop, I know there’s about a 90% chance I’m going to get beaten within an inch of my life. For most LEOs, wailing on innocent citizens is a sport and favorite pasttime.

Know Your Role

As I mentioned, given my past experience and knowledge of the traffic laws, I am usually able to avoid getting stopped. And even if I do get stopped, I can usually avoid a ticket, or worse — an ass beating.

But most cops today revel in the fact that the general public isn’t aware of the traffic laws and their rights. I encourage you to take the time to get up to speed (no pun intended) on the current laws. It isn’t very exciting or compelling, but it just might save you from getting your face pushed into the pavement at your next traffic stop.

by Jeremiah Johnson
Residential Life Magazine


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