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A group of residents in my hometown are planning demonstrations and other measures — including a lawsuit — against a proposed new Walmart that developers want to build on the south side of town — far away from homes and downtown businesses. As a huge Walmart supporter, I’m all for their court battles! Let me explain:

Smoke Screen

Always screwing you over. Always.

What these blowhards don’t know is that they’re playing right into Walmart’s plan. While they’re busy making threats — verbal and legal — against the plan, Walmart has already begun building on the site they wanted in the first place. Months from now, when the case settles in court, these idiots will be sadly surprised to realize they got the wool pulled over their eyes from day one!

Shadiest Place on Earth

The idea is nothing new, of course. When Walt Disney and his fascist cronies wanted to build Disney World in Florida, they staged what was perceived by the podunk local officials as a pack of rich and eccentric California land buyers — independent of each other — who were too stupid to understand the harsh Florida climate.

City leaders were all too happy to sell these fancy Hollywood types useless swamp land. How crazy could they be?! As it turned out, crazy like a fox. Just a few months later, the cat was out of the bag, and by then Disney owned half of the Sunshine State.


Things aren’t always what they seem. Nothing today should be taken at face value. If it’s too good to be true… and any other cliché you can think of.

The bottom line is that while you think you’re fighting the good fight, while you think you’re getting one over on someone, while you’re trying to screw the little guy, he’s already screwed you harder than you could imagine. Taste it!

by Liu Q.L.
Residential Life Magazine


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