Work and Occupation

It’s On

This douche giving a workplace safety presentation said we should try to “talk down” anyone who comes into the office acting aggressively. He says we need to “diffuse the situation” in the most calm way possible. Screw that noise!

Feel the Noize

Bring it on

Let me tell ya, if someone comes blazing into my office, spewing hate and just generally being a dick, it’ll take all of two seconds for him to get a face first meeting with the floor. I’ll kick him in the ribs, if I have to. Hell, I’ll do it even if I don’t have to, just to send a message to that prick. I’ll crack one of his ribs off and eat it in front of him, with some coleslaw and barbecue sauce!

Don’t Back Down

I’ll never take the easy way out, and I sure as hell won’t be calmly “talking down” any punk ass bitch with trouble on his mind. I’ll meet aggression with aggression. Every time. I’ll fly so far off the handle, it’ll become the stuff of legend. I have two knives and a taser on me right now. You want to be a tough guy? Big man on campus? I’ll cut your ass down to size before you can blink an eye.

Face the Facts

Criminals and the mentally ill are thugs who need to be dealt with the only way they’re used to: unbridled rage and force. You try to “talk down” one of these psychotics, and the next thing you know you’ve got a bullet in your head. This touchy-feely bullshit has to stop, once and for all. You come in here looking for a fight, you’ll get the worst fight of your life. You’ll be lucky to get out alive!

by Abraham “Able Abe” Aenstograafik
Residential Life Magazine


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