Education, Kids and Teens

Stranger than Danger

When I was little, we learned all about ‘stranger, danger’ in school. The idea seemed simple enough: kids should stay away from people they don’t know, because there’s a good chance those people might have malice on their minds. What they didn’t tell us is that, while strangers may well be potentially dangerous, it was our own relatives who would be most likely to abuse and molest us. Guess that lesson plan’s just not as fun to create.

Touch Me in the Morning

This ideal hinders children from making new friends — both at the time and later in life — and has the potential to develop trust issues. Instead of a blanket phrase that instills unwarranted fear and prejudice, we should teach children the basics of personal safety and good judgement, arming them with the knowledge and power to make sound, intelligent choices and decisions throughout their lives.

by Tobias Martone III
Residential Life Magazine


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