Today at lunch, someone asked if we had to choose, would we choose extreme heat or extreme cold? I mean, ideally, we’d have neither, but I said I would choose extreme cold. Think about it, you can always put on more layers, but once you get, um… you know, you can’t take any more clothes off! 😮

I get that heating bills would be high. Whatever. Some kid said that, and I get it, but I think he just wanted to start an argument, and I was not about to do that today. I mean, this was just for fun! He wanted to make a scene or something. Lame.

So, yeah, I get that stuff. No one ever said that either scenario would be ideal. As long as there wasn’t snow along with the cold, I think it would be better cold. Plus, there are some really cute winter outfits out there. Summer stuff is fun, too, but then you get pervs on your case all the time. So, yeah. Cold is def. the way to go! :-p


by Chelsea Abrahams 
Residential Life Magazine


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