Food and Dining


Sometimes I have Greek yogurt for lunch. With some other stuff, of course. Don’t worry! :-p But I really prefer the ‘fruit-on-the-bottom’ kind to the ‘blended’ kind. Decisions, I know! 😉


I just like to be able to control the amount of fruit I get each time, you know? I’m not some control freak, but I just like to be able to decide, instead of it being decided for me in advance. Plus, the blended kind tastes kind of weird. My friend says they put shrimp in the blended kind. So random! I don’t think that’s true, but there is def. a weird taste.

Basically, I just have to make sure that my mom buys the fruit-on-the-bottom kind. If I don’t check, she’ll get the blended (she doesn’t even look!), and nobody wants that. Such a hard life, I know! 🙂


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine


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