Work and Occupation

Casual Friday

Attention office dwellers everywhere: Friday is still a work day. Just because your office might have “casual” dress and a laid-back feel on Fridays, workloads don’t automatically clear, and the day doesn’t turn into some pseduo-vacation. Fridays are not an excuse for anarchy.

Out the Window

I’m tired of people acting like, just because they’ve chosen to mail it in on Fridays, no one else has any work to do. I’d be tempted to suggest these sociopaths take Fridays off if they plan to be completely unproductive and disruptive, but then they’d just take “casual Thursday,” and we’d be right back in the same situation.

No Respect

It’s clear the days of mutual respect and common courtesy are long gone, so I really shouldn’t be surprised that this concept, too, has been hastily discarded — thrown out the window like every other professional standard before it. Soon enough, we’ll be coming to work in our pajamas, scratching, burping, and spitting wherever we feel. For some of us “lucky” souls, that future is now.

by Angel “Boz” Terwilliger
Residential Life Magazine


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