Work and Occupation


People are so into everyone else’s business today. Everyone wants an explanation for every little detail of another person’s life. The fact of the matter is, you don’t owe an explanation to anyone. But since most of these psychotics won’t back down until you provide an answer, make sure the answer is specific.

Don’t let these losers win

Never Satisfied

If someone insists you have a slice of cake to celebrate another one of your fat-ass co-workers’ birthdays, you might think of saying you’re on a diet, or that you’re trying to eat healthy these days. Those are statements for which the idiots in your office will surely make “celebration” excuses, or encourage you to “join in the fun.” Instead, say you are a strict doctor-ordered meal plan. Let those pricks think up a comeback to that!

Instead of saying you don’t want to participate in the office retreat, or that you can’t for whatever reason that will be quickly ‘resolved’ and or shot-down by your co-workers, say you have concerns for your personal safety and security. If they push the issue, set up a nice chat with your lawyer.

No one should have to qualify the way they feel, or be forced to offer an explanation for their personal convictions. But since there will always be immature SOBs out there who take a devilish delight in needlessly complicating things, sane and responsible workers need to arm themselves with the tools necessary for survival.

by Angel “Boz” Terwilliger
Residential Life Magazine

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