Work and Occupation

Serious Business

Those who remember “That 70’s Show,” might remember an episode when Red was talking about work, and said: “That’s why they call it work. It’s not happy fun time.” I couldn’t agree more.

Not a game

Trouble is, most people today don’t have a ‘work filter,’ and (for some reason) find it impossible to understand that they’re not at home, on the beach, or anywhere else when they step foot into the office. They’re at work. And they need to act like it.

I’m not saying you need to be completely serious 100% of the time. Camaraderie and humor are an important part of any work dynamic. But you laugh for a few minutes, or talk about the big game, and then you move on with your day. You don’t keep harping on some lame joke or topic and interfere with everyone’s work. You don’t just check out for the day and decide to walk around and get in everyone’s face. This isn’t that GEICO commercial with the annoying camel.

Time and Place

To that end, people need to be conscious of how their actions affect their co-workers.

  • don’t play your music without headphones
  • don’t crank up the headphones so loud that everyone can still hear your music
  • speakerphone is not your (or anyone else’s) friend. pick up the headset!
  • your cell phone is for personal calls. don’t use the work phone, cheapskate!
  • don’t walk around and annoy people
  • don’t yell from your office to someone in the next room. get your lazy ass up!
  • keep your shoes on
  • don’t be a general nuisance

Of course, no one would dream of extending even a shred of professional courtesy and basic manners at work, because everyone is so focused on themselves they can’t see anything else around them. So the cycle will just continue.

by Willa Shaykhs
Residential Life Magazine


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