Many websites today — including Facebook and other social media — rely heavily (in some cases solely) on user-generated content, or UGC. UGC is the photos, videos, status updates, and more that people upload to websites — social media or otherwise. Though UGC has, for the most part, kept pace with the changing landscape of the web, the measure has been in practice since the earliest days of recreational Internet use.

What’s Mine is Yours

In most cases, people “own” their UGC, though there does exist some scenarios where UGC becomes shared use once it is created and/or uploaded. In rare instances, it becomes the sole property of the receiving entity. These instances should be carefully examined to determine the validity and intention of the receiving site(s).

Everyone’s bae

Keep It Flowing

A growing number of websites that rely on UGC also enact a moderation queue and contribution standards. This should be taken into account before posting any content on these platforms. Further, it will be up to people themselves to decide the benefit of contributing to UGC platforms. Each person will need to examine whether it is better to contribute UGC on an external website, or to instead create a personal blog that could directly promote personal brand or image. In the spirit of full disclosure, it may be important to note that Residential Life Magazine was “born” following situations that encompassed rather restrictive UGC guidelines.

Many people will find themselves in a sort of balance between enterprise digital material and UGC. In the end, these decisions are largely a matter of personal opinion.

by Enid Ahylhienatta
Technology Consultant
Residential Life Magazine


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