Safety and Security

Eyes on Your Prize

People today are so scared about the NSA spying on them, when really their fears should be directed elsewhere.

Everyone knows that the NSA is spying on us, and has been for years. Some scruffy agent is reading this blog right now, and they know you’re reading it, too. To that I say “Big deal.” I mean, who really cares if these suck-os want to waste their time sifting through every personal detail of every person’s life?! Good luck to them, I say. Have fun with your worthless, mind-numbing job, douchebags!


Eery Engine

Meanwhile, Google has been getting away Scot-free with outright spying for years, and you don’t see anyone calling for an investigation into their shady practices!

Google knows everything about you. Everything. Even if you don’t use their search engine. Even if you don’t use Google Plus (no one does), even if you’ve never logged onto a computer in your life, Google has a thick (digital) file on you. And they’re using it to do everything from selling you stuff, to eventually bringing your ass down.

And forget about “privacy settings” or “incognito mode,” and any fantasy they’ve been trying to dupe you with. They know you’re a greasy perv. And they’ll use your “private activity” against you soon enough.

You might call this overreacting, but the fact is that Google knows more about you than your own family, more than even you even know yourself! One day soon, when these United States of Google turn into an all-out police state, you’ll regret ever placing your digital fingerprints, which now form a strangle hold around your neck!

by Ericka Ng
Residential Life Magazine


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