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It’s All Good

Some genius at my work wants to change our holiday time. Specifically, he wants to eliminate our Good Friday holiday and replace it with the Monday following Easter. He also wants to call it ‘Spring Holiday.’


I’m so sick of this PC BS. I’m not even religious, and I have no problem with calling it Good Friday, or Easter Monday, or whatever. I just know it means I get a three-day weekend, and I like three-day weekends.

And before anyone starts, I realize that we’re still getting a day off. That’s not even the issue. The issue is that we need to get over this touchy-feely crap. But there are other issues, as well.


Get a Life

This guy’s argument is that if Easter is a time to get together with family, and Easter falls on Sunday, then moving the break to a Monday means people would get more time to spend with their families, especially if they observe Easter later in the afternoon. What he fails to realize is that the rest of the world has to go back to work on Monday, so people wouldn’t be able to hang out, anyway!

Given the choice, most people would take a Friday off instead of a Monday. With Monday off, you just have to work the next day. But with Friday off, Thursday becomes Friday, and the whole week just has a good flow.

Bottom line, this isn’t Canada. In this country, no one takes off ‘Easter Monday.’ So this guy can stick it where the sun don’t shine!

by Stavros “Stolli” Capleton
Residential Life Magazine


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