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Get Over It

I get that the drive-in closing is sad, but you have to look at it from an economic standpoint. I know! I never thought I’d be writing this kind of stuff, either. But we just talked about it in business class, so it’s on my mind.

The thing is, everyone watches movies today either in the theater, but more often on DVD. And it’s so easy to get DVDs anywhere! You can buy them, of course, but you can also use Netflix or Redbox, or even on demand! I don’t have HBO, but I guess you could also use that.

Let it go

Plus, who wants to sit in their car for two hours when they can watch a movie at home and be able to get up whenever they want, and not have to deal with people doing weird stuff. We went to a drive-in once, and the couple in the next car was, like, almost naked! So inappropriate.

And my friend who works in a the theater downtown says that she spends almost no time in the actual projection booth. She just has to go up there when the movie starts and when it ends. So, like, a total of about maybe a minute!

So paying people to sit in the drive-in booth all night is a waste of money. I don’t want people to lose their jobs, or anything, but why should they get to hang out when my friend has to work so hard? idk, it just doesn’t seem right.

Let’s not

I have another friend who used to live in New York, and she says that during the winter, they couldn’t do a drive-in, anyway, ’cause it’s too snowy. So that’s, like, a whole season that you miss out on, but still have to pay for the place. That just doesn’t make any sense!

My dad says I’m “from a different generation” and that “things were different back then.” Whatever. Now is now, and it’s time to let the drive-ins go. If people want, they could even build an actual movie theater where the drive-in is now, and then everyone would be happy.


by Chelsea Abrahams
Residential Life Magazine


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