Fashion and Style

Eye of the Beholder

So many girls are wearing tons of bright red lipstick these days. It’s like the new ‘in’ thing. They look like skanks.

They probably think it makes them look older, or sophisticated, or something, when it really makes it look like they let a three-year-old do their makeup in a dark room. But they keep doing it ’cause all their friends say it looks great. Girls should listen to what guys have to say. Then they’d know that they look like hookers walking around like that.

I mean, if that’s what they’re going for, have at it. I know a lot of guys who like sluts. But I get the feeling that’s not the type of person they want to portray. I know I’m gonna catch hell over this. Chelz probably already has a rant written out! But whatever. It needed to be said.

by D. Hennig
Residential Life Magazine


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