Look Up to the Sky

Today, I saw a homeless man pick up from the ground a discarded lottery ticket. Will he check later to see if he’s a winner? It’s more likely he knows the numbers are worthless; he knows that’s why the ticket was thrown out. But sometimes you need a little hope make it through. Sometimes hope is the only thing that sustains us.

Keep On

How many of us — when faced with the obvious ‘dead end’ sign in a romantic relationship — hesitate to reverse direction and head back from where we came? Or continue to tread water, desperately waiting for a lifesaver that will never be thrown? What causes this irrational reaction, this pointless dance?  Is it simply delusion? Or a hope — regardless of how fleeting — that maybe the romance is not really over?


Hope is an interesting element of life. Not truly an emotion, but not a tangible object, either, it allows us to simultaneously reach for the stars or to momentarily lose our head in the clouds, without fully losing grasp of reality or the situation at hand.

Hope is the promise of a new day, the idea that things can and will get better with time. For many us, it’s all we have left. To turn our backs on hope would be to finally fold the tent and give up.

That’s a sobering decision to be faced with, and one none of us will ever have to make.

by Hector “Stevie” Sambulogento
Residential Life Magazine


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