Life and Death

Time of Your Life

On a recent business trip, I sat next to a man who was experiencing his first plane trip. He’s 50. For some reason, this struck me as odd.

In fact, I was initially concerned at what I perceived to be erratic behavior. He was visibly nervous, was fidgeting, and kept looking toward the exits. At first I thought he might be up to no good, but the conversation that followed was fascinating.

Ramblin’ Man

Turns out he’s worked on oil rigs most of his life, and has somehow managed to avoid air travel by taking the bus (and I suppose boats) to his work sites. He’s always had a fear of flying.

Recently married for the first time, he was on his way to attend the wedding of the daughter he had re-connected with just a month prior, after an 18-year hiatus!

As the story unfolded, I learned that he had a one-night stand when he was almost 30. Though he was apparently made aware that he was a father, the mother wanted to have nothing to do with him. He had learned about the mother’s death from a newspaper obituary, and through social media managed to track down and re-connect with his daughter.

Let the Good Times Roll

Following the wedding, he planned to open a new business with his wife, and I understood the daughter was to move down to Texas to live with them. A reunion and new beginning all in one!

Life is not a race. There will be inevitably be ups and downs — peaks and valleys. But the journey can lead you down some amazing avenues, and it’s never too late to experience the magic that follows.

Best of luck to you, Mr. Slade. Enjoy the moment!

by Federico LaDuenza
Residential Life Magazine


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