Love and Relationships

Accidentally in Love

After going on a few dates with this one guy, I decided that we aren’t a good fit. He’s a nice enough person, and I do consider him a friend. But romantically, it’s just not going to work out. I’m not a girl to play games, so I let my decision be known first in the face-to-face, and later by an explanatory e-mail — where I also mentioned that we should remain friends.

He seemed okay with that, and for a while we were what I would call ‘fine:’ exchanging e-mails, sometimes talking on the phone, a few in-person meetings (with mutual friends), and of course some Facebook posts here and there. Then he got all weird.



One night he sends this long, rambling text that’s talking about how much he misses me, and thinks we’re so much better together than being just friends, and all this other stuff. It was really weird. I never responded. Then the next day he says it was just an accident, and that he meant to send the text to this other girl. Oh, yeah?

The thing is, even if it was an accident (which it totally wasn’t), why would you get all whiny and needy with some other girl? Total lack of tact.

Technical Error

Which is looking past the fact that it’s almost impossible to ‘accidentally’ send a text, let alone get the number wrong. Even if you’re a fast texter, you still have to hit ‘send.’ And in most cases that means you’ll have to at least glance at the number.

It wouldn’t have even been an issue if he had just admitted it! If he said he’d been drinking, or was just thinking about stuff that night. I mean, it wouldn’t have changed my decision, but at least he’d still have his pride.

I don’t know why he had to go and make things so awkward, but as it is now, I can’t trust him anymore – not even as a friend. I’m past the stage where I’m going to tolerate lying in any form, especially not such a transparent one.

by Amber O’Neal
Residential Life Magazine


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