Honor Code

My dad died when I was a little kid. He was a well-respected physician, as well as a “pillar of the community.” I’m not boasting or seeking sympathy — just setting the stage.

To this day, people still talk about the kind of person he was, and some people even say they want to be like him – both personally and professionally. The other day my cousin said she’s going to be a doctor, ’cause she wants to be like him. I said if she really wanted to offer a tribute, she should look deeper.

What’s in a Name?

My step-dad had two daughters who are both married and took their respective husbands’ last names. That means my step-dad’s name ‘dies’ along with him. But I say that the important part lives on.

I understand that some people are quite proud of being able to trace their last name back to several generations. But for me, the more important part is the convictions and beliefs that their families have upheld all these years.

In that regard, the name itself means less than the values and morals of the person who holds/held it. Simply put, if you really want to pay tribute to someone, instead of just taking their name, or even their profession, you should live your life the way they lived theirs. That’s tradition.

by Paymon West
Residential Life Magazine


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