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Today’s employers are a wily bunch. They know the rules of business inside and out, and they know just how to break them. They are fully aware of illegal job interview questions, and even more aware of methods by which to glean the answers to these very questions without you realizing it. In short, today’s employers are bottom-of-the-barrel thugs, heartless criminals, sociopaths in tailored suits.

Slight of Hand

One of the newest tricks up the sleeves of the jackals is to demand access to your social media accounts. No access, no job. And if you even try to question their system, you’ll never work in that state again.

Given all of these realities, it is imperative that everyone — job seekers and confirmed desk jockeys alike — create and maintain fake social media profiles, and revert their “real” accounts to ghost names shared only with their very closest of friends and families.

Continue to use your (now disguised) “real” accounts as normal, whilst populating the dummy pages with as much marshmallow, silver-lining horseshit you can muster.

The time has come to successfully pull the wool over their fascist eyes! It’s time to beat these dirtbag companies at their own game!

by Willa Shaykhs
Residential Life Magazine


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