Love and Relationships

The Business of Love

Dating and romance is like negotiating a business agreement. Of course, emotion plays a huge role and often complicates things. But if you look at relationships without the emotional connection, the similarities are interesting.


Dating Deal

One of the basic ideals of dating is to investigate the other person’s character. You are trying to determine if you’re a “good fit.” So, over the course of several dates, you discover your similarities and differences, your beliefs and values, and at the end of it all, each person has to make a judgement call as to whether the relationship should continue.

Business deals follow a similar concept, in that both parties work to reach a sort of mutual agreement and understanding, so as to build a viable working relationship that has the staying power to last well into the future.

Marriage: the Ultimate Partnership

Once the decision has been made to take a relationship to the next level, marriage is the natural next step.

Marriage is truly a fortress for well-being, and has the power to enhance not only the lives of the immediate participants, but also those that surround the happy couple: friends, family members, co-workers, and possible future children. Marriage is the strongest bond, the promise before God and man that a perfect union has finally been established.

Dissolving the Corporation

Of course, on the flip side of the coin lies divorce. There are many reasons why this decision may be reached, including violence and infidelity. Divorce comes about after the terms of the “business agreement” have been breached – when the once strong bond of partnership has been broken by irreconcilable differences.

Bad Deal

Another avenue to explore is the ideal of taking someone back after they’ve done you wrong. This concept doesn’t have a business counterpart, and for good reason. You would not go back into business with someone who betrayed you financially, so why would you even consider doing so when a once-trusted partner was unfaithful?!

Skills Set

Lastly — and this is difficult — it’s important not to take rejection personally. Just as in a job application scenario, you may simply not be the best candidate for the position.

There are moments in romantic relationships where the timing is off, or you are otherwise just not the right fit for that person. In these cases, it is wise to adopt a gentle approach, and leave with the understanding that neither party is to blame. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

by Angelina Estevante
Love & Relationships Editor
Residential Life Magazine


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