Love and Relationships

Give Up the Fight

I’ve been trying to see this guy for about a month now. We hit it off the first time we hung out, and have been in touch over Facebook and text, but it seems like something always “comes up” when we try to hang out in person. Either he’s busy or I’m busy, or both.

Red Flag?

Part of me thinks he may just not be that interested, except he always initiates the conversations, and he’s always liking the stuff I post.

My friend says he might be playing a game. Not a mean game, but she says he might be trying to play hard to get. Maybe. I like “the chase” as much as the next girl, but sometimes enough is enough.

Enough is Enough

It makes me think about cats with those laser pointer things you can point at the wall. Usually the cat goes crazy for about the first 15 minutes or so, but by the third or fourth time, it loses interest. It realizes that it’s never going to get the dot, so what’s the point?

I’m not saying I’m no longer interested in this guy. It’s just getting a little bit much playing this game. It’s no fun.

I’ll give it one more chance to hang out, but after that, I’m done. Not done with him completely — we can still be friends — but not in a relationship sense. You have to draw the line somewhere.

by Cindy Simone
Residential Life Magazine


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