Love and Relationships

Mean Girls

My friend keeps dating these girls that are so mean to him! I don’t know why he keeps doing this. It’s sad to see him continually put himself in these situations, because he really is a nice, good guy.

I think he realizes that the girls are really just hurting or frustrated, and it comes out as anger. But he isn’t — and shouldn’t expect to be — the one to “save” them. He’s only hurting himself by carrying on this way.

Kick Her to the Curb

I’ve told him not to internalize the rejections. After all, to even agree to go out with him, these girls must have seen something in him, or at least not be totally repulsed by him. That sounds bad. You know what I mean.

It’s not like he is rich, or the quarterback of the football team, or anything like that. Again, I know that sounds bad. I’m not trying to be rude, just saying that I don’t think these girls are using him for anything. I think they’re just… well, I’ll save that for now.

I actually think they’re searching for an unattainable ideal – like a Prince Charming type thing. I know some guys that are up to 85% PC, but I’ve never met a real-deal consummate gentlemen… ’cause they don’t exist.

If these girls are looking for perfection, they’re going to searching forever. Unfortunately, that also means they’re probably going to continue to take guys like my friend for a ride.

by Amber O’Neal
Residential Life Magazine


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