Kids and Teens


OMG! This guy just sent my friend a pic of his… um… stuff. You know! So gross! And she just met this guy! Not like that’s an excuse, but still.

I actually met him, too. We were with a group at the movies, and he was a friend of a friend. He actually seemed like a nice guy, and I was psyched to see my friend having a good time. She’s usually pretty shy. He was chatting her up pretty hard. It was so obvious! And I thought it was a good thing.

But then he goes and pulls this. I think my friend is going to report it to the police. He goes to a different school, but we’re trying to find out who the principal is there. I don’t want him to get expelled, but he needs to know that you can’t do this. He needs to get in trouble before he tries to do this to another girl.

My friend was going to forward it to everyone as a joke, but I said it would just make things worse, and she might end up getting into trouble herself. I think she was just mad about the whole thing, which I totally understand. Anyways, that was the excitement this week! 🙂


by Chelsea Abrahams 
Residential Life Magazine


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