Law and Regulation

See Saw

Only in America can “final” decisions be changed.

I’ve been following the trial of a local man who tried to run over a group of kids he (apparently) thought shouldn’t be hanging around outside a convenience store. None of the kids were hurt.

Anyway, the jury found him guilty on all charges, but then the judge dropped a few of the charges at sentencing! Well, he didn’t necessarily ‘drop’ the charges, he just didn’t include them in his sentence!

And this kind of BS goes on all the time! You always hear about some dumb-ass judge changing the rules at the last minute. I’m tired of it!

What’s the point of even having a jury if the judge is going to reverse their decisions all the time? If I got called in for jury duty and this happened, I would be pissed.

This isn’t Judge Judy here. It’s not some kind of game. This is people’s lives we’re dealing with! It’s time to get serious about how we sentence and punish criminals. Enough of this back-and-forth horsecrap!

by Dragica Farnoush
Residential Life Magazine

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