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Shocked and Confused

Let’s stop acting like we’re so upset that stores are open on holidays. I’m sick of it!

I keep seeing these posts about how people are going to ban certain stores ’cause they’re open on Thanksgiving or Christmas. You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!

And the best part is when all these same people post pictures and status updates about going shopping before and after holidays, and in some cases right on the day itself!

My one friend was all pissy about this store being open on Easter, and then she posted a pic about how it was a “lifesaver” that the store was open, or else she wouldn’t have been able to get some last minute stuff she forgot. Huge hypocrite!


Part of the Problem

Stores stay open because people shop on holidays. If everyone who threatened to boycott actually did, eventually stuff would be closed. Stores are in business to make money. They’re not going to pay employees to sit around if no one is coming in. If they’re losing money, they won’t stay open during those slow times.

There was a time when — even with shift work — things weren’t open on Sundays. Only part of it was about religion. It was mostly because people didn’t shop on Sunday. Then a bunch of people wanted to shop on Sunday, so the stores stayed open, and then they realized they could really make a ton of cash on Sunday, and pretty soon everyone was open.


That’s Just the Way It Is

Think about it. Banks, libraries, the Post Office, and a bunch of other places are closed on Sunday and most holidays. But they are still doing okay (with the exception of the Post Office, I guess).

That’s because people know the schedule (it’s been the same forever!) and work around it. And if you’re on shift work or something and you can’t make it to the bank during business hours, you either use an ATM, or you lump it. Tough titties.

Walk it Off

Nothing is going to change unless and until people actually follow through with their currently empty threats. If everyone who acts so upset about stores being open on certain days stopped actually shopping on those days, the stores would see and feel it, and would eventually make lasting change. But I guess it’s easier to just bitch and do absolutely nothing. Charlatans!

by Ericka Ng
Residential Life Magazine


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