Love and Relationships


I may have just lost a friend, and I am okay with that.

She was telling me about how her boyfriend broke up with her after he found out she was making a habit of meeting girls in bars and then having sex with them. I said he acted in the right.


Here’s the thing, a lot of guys have this fantasy about girls making about, etc. And some of them are actually okay with their SO fooling around with another girl. But infidelity is infidelity, no matter which way you slice it. Even if you’re just “having fun,” emotions can easily come into the mix.

Also, I don’t believe some of these girls actually are just being silly. I think most of them aren’t happy with their relationships, and this is like a cry for help. But the oblivious guys see it as more of a turn on.

I’m not happy that they broke up, of course, but I’m happy that the guy was able to see through some drunken “party game” into the reality of the situation. I hope this is a good lesson for my (possibly former) friend.

by Amber O’Neal
Residential Life Magazine


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