Knowledge is Power

Why do people pretend to know about stuff they don’t know about? It’s so funny.

Like last night at the movies, this guy was trying to impress my friend about all he ‘knew’ about crime scene investigation. Which is so funny, ’cause that’s what she’s interested in and plans to go to school for.

So he was totally going on and on, and she’s just sitting there. I could tell she wanted to correct him, but I think she likes him, so she kept quiet. But later on she told me about how most of the stuff he was saying was completely untrue! 🙂

It even happened to me not too long ago. This guy was telling me about some school group, and he has no idea I helped to start it, and he’s all telling me about how it started, and why this is this way and that’s that way. So funny!

I just think people need to think before they start to go off about something, ’cause you never know who knows more about it than you, or who was into something way before you were.


by Chelsea Abrahams 
Residential Life Magazine


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