Love and Relationships

Other Side of the Coin

The other night, my friend’s boyfriend was talking about how he thinks “hot chicks” get all the breaks and perks in life. He said attractive women get free drinks, free food, tons of attention, and always seem to get exactly what they want. His comments were bordering on sexism!

Hands off

At What Price

A lot of the things he said were actually true, but he (of course) left out the fact that women also get ogled and disrespected every day of their lives! We get “free drinks and food” with the expectation that we might sleep with the dude after dinner/the movies/whatever. We get “attention” from dudes who want to check us out, again with sex on their minds.

We get “everything we want” at the expense of being paid less, being seen as less important than men, and generally being viewed as helpless creatures that constantly need assistance and validation.

Being female is no picnic, despite what it may seem. And it’s people like this guy who perpetuate the problem!

by Amber O’Neal
Residential Life Magazine


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